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Naaalala ko si KNAFT....
Naaalala ko ng una kaming Zant..
Naaalala ko ang sapatos na bigay sakin....
Naaalala ko ang kuwintas na bigay nya....
Naalala ko ang fairy na bigay nya...
Ngunit marahil mananatili nalang isang alaala ang mga panahong yun...
Alalang masarap balik-balikan paminsan -minsan.....

Everytime We Touch
Eyes on Me

Eyes on Me

When I'm Gone

Let Me Go

Here Without You

Far away
Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Para sa alaala ni knaft at proxy

Toby Lightman
Viewing lights under the surface
Knowing I'm found
Can't run away from
Can't make it undone

While reaching out for anything
Screaming without a sound
How did I find you
How was I supposed to try

I'm frightened by the love that's in you
But it's alright
Oh and I'm frightened by the love that's in me
But I know, it's alright

The only one who understands
The only one who gave me
Something to belong to
With nothing left to undo

With you, everything's beautiful
And I'm not scared to be
Falling into unknown
With you, I find the strength to carry on


It's alright