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Born and raised in the Philippines, now residing in Manila.

Jesus/Computer: Pamela (Chucho)my sweet niece 

On my bookshelf:
You'll find historical novels and mysteries, but I don't hardly read anymore. My other interests just about completely crowded out reading.
Pet peeves: Procrastinators, liars, and lazy people. 

I like to occasionally take a leisurely trip and enjoy the beauty of nature.Indoors, the "girl" in me likes to do home improvements and gardening(that's the closest I could get to becoming a mom! he.. he..! ) and my "nerd persona" likes to create graphics and design webpages
Dreams and Aspirations:
I dreamed of owning a haus and designing it myself
I also like to explore Batanes one day!

The one person I'd like to spend an hour with:
Ozzy Osbourne ... because he's a very freaky person and  have own
unique attitude. I guess you won't have a dull moment with him.

If I had one wish:
It would be to run my own internet cafe. 
I have realized:
I have grown into more responsible and good person. 
To try to do things that I have never gotten around to before. 

Some of my favorite things: Animal: Fish, Flower: lotus, State: BLISS, Place: HERE,Time: NOW.

I also like cooking and dancing, often at the same time. When I'm scared, I chant a PRAYER . When I'm happy, I sing. When I want to feel enlivened, I go to nature and get some sunshine. When I need to feel balanced, I do EXERCISE. The best thing I have is LOVE.

Hetoh ako nangangapa pa rin