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February 2005
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At last a new job s waiting for me...

>>>>>>>>Another episode of insanity.
Current Mood:
Current Mood:
Unwell -Matchbox
Friday 02-18-05
6:48 PM

This is not the last time I want to take that blade and run it through my wrist..or better yet drink that bottle of laundry bleach detergent that's been tempting me to exterminate myself at last.I want is to take a deep sleep and never return to witness the dawn of a new day.Today I have disappointed and mortified myself once again.I'm feeling so frustrated about being so incompetent.I hate myself for acting so esteemed but in reality check I'm an insignificant brainless GaGa. 
i just can't struggle anymore,Im too tired of trying hard to make my life worthliving.
Most of the people around me has turned me down and the last person I got to lean on is ----- hundred miles away within my reach.God hear my plea ...HELP!Now i'm turning down myself which is I wasnt expecting   dreading the whole time.I want to end it like hell.I don't wanna wake again knowing tha I'm too weak to even make a difference.Ive been through this again and again confuse,anxious and scared.Am i doomed like this forever?
I'm longing for the past ....
Fretful for the present...
And resentful for the future...