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Every precious memory and broken-hearted tragedy will walk into eternity,
I f  I will go and never return, leave me some words of wisdom...

Home of the prefect cone...

Mayon at nite

The Perfect Cone 

Panoramic View of Legaspi City

Bogtong,Legazpi City

Bogtong River

Bogtong Riverbank



A carabao standing still

This is my travel journal:
Most of the picture was
taken by myself  
    w-h-o+e-l-s-e ?No?Ah. nevermind-> 

enjoy a year of stay in Legazpi back when I still attend AOL University. But that was never my first time in the place,My Uncle lived their with his family. I was able to visit them even before. Legazpi is a progressive place, last time I was there; a new malls that was opened  which I think bigger than the previous malls I used to go to. What really spectacular about Legazpi is the Mayon Volcano were it is situated.I've seen the volcano erupted during my stay .That was last 2001 I can't forget the rushed and the fear it caused to the people when blast-off . During those times, classes were often dismissed bcos the volcano have mild eruption from time to time and the students were frightened. But according to our landlady its not that bad compare to the previous eruptions that was happen before.Where in it really cause big damage to the city. But for me, it is enough to scare my nerves. I experienced staying- up late watching the volcano thru the window of our boarding house ,afraid that it may erupt suddenly and reach the town proper. I thought I'll be dead with the close of an eye, but thank god all I experience is the continuous earthquake that thrown out our lunch,the plates and the glasses .

My school is has a panoramic view ,because you can see the volcano at the background. AOL is such a nice and very cozy school, good teachers and friendly students. I regret leaving the school, but thats the way it goes.

I  wasnt able explore the whole City during my stay , Im tied up at the boarding house, I dont have much friend to show me around,one more thing I'm quite lazy going outdoors. I know there's a lot of place I still haven't visited there like the Cagsawa Ruins. I just hope I can go back soon and visit all the tourist spot.