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Whatta Mike --- The way you make me feel the way you make me feel awwww... 

I am aware that probably at least half of you think Michael Jackson is innocent so just don't take any notice of this, it will probably make you angry. I just need to rant.
1) One of the charges was feeding minors alcohol, even the defense admitted that Michael Jackson did this, yet he was still acquitted. What the fuck?
2) He molested a 12 year old boy in 1993, and told him to keep his mouth shut by paying him off.
3) They were under an AWFUL amount of public pressure to find him not guilty. It almost reminds me of the whole Schapelle Corby thing, only on a much bigger scale.I mean, I feel sorry for the guy, he had a fucking terrible childhood, like having to listen to his brothers having sex with randoms in the same room as him. He never really grew up, that's what they say anyway. This is no excuse to molest children.
4) However, I can see why he was acquitted, he had damn good defense who rebutted everything. The thing is though that anyone who sends a famous actor/musician to court is labelled a gold-digger, a very good argument which I believe won them the case.
I have been kind of weary of this issue for awhile, I wasn't sure at the beginning of this year whether he did it or not. Now I am almost certain. I feel sorry for him with the whole fucked childhood thing. BUT THAT IS NO EXCUSE.
He got off because he could afford damn good lawyers (although he couldn't really, he's in a massive amount of debt.) He had public support. I love the song Thriller I have to admit, but I am almost certain that he did it. All the evidence seems to point that way.
Please don't kill me *backs away*
He is a sicko.


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June 14-Tuesday
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Hey ya by Outcast


Eagle Sunrise
The day you said goodnite...

                                       Take me as you are, 
                                       Push me off the roadthe sadness, 
                                       I need this time to be with you 
                                       I'm freezing in the sun; 
                                       I'm burning in the rain 
                                       The silence; 
                                       I'm screaming, 
                                       Calling out your name. 
                                       And i do reside in your light 
                                       Put out the fire with me and find 
                                       Yeah you'll lose the side of your circles 
                                       That's what i'll do if we say goodbye. 
                                       To be is all i gotta be 
                                       And all that i see 
                                       And all that i need this time 
                                       To me the life you gave me 
                                       The day you said goodnight. 
                                       The calmness in your face 
                                       That i see through the night 
                                       The warmth of your light is pressing unto us 
                                       You didn't ask me why 
                                       I never would have known oblivion is falling down. 
                                       And i do reside in your hear 
                                       Put out the fire with me and find 
                                       Yeah you'll lose the side of your circles 
                                       That's what i'll do if we say goodbye. 
                                       To be is all i gotta be 
                                       And all that i see 
                                       And all that i need this time 
                                       To me the life you gave me 
                                       The day you said goodnight. 
                                       If you could only know me like your prayers at night 
                                       Then everything between you and me will be all 
                                       To be is all i gotta be 
                                       And all that i see 
                                       And all that i need this time 
                                       To me the life you gave me 
                                       The day you said goodnight. 
                                       He's already taken, 
                                       He's already taken 
                                       He's already taken me 
                                       He's already taken, 
                                       He's already taken 
                                       He's already taken me. 
                                       The day HE said goodnight 

Im so sad today,I was awake by a cry - when I checked what
it was,its my Aunt crying co,s my Uncle is already dead.Without
any second thought I rush to their haus trying to find him but
when I get there he's not there.My sister told me he's still
in the hospital where he was sent last nite - I was really angry
at her becos she never told me about it.She should have informed
me when I got home,I have the right to know- He's like my second father,
He's been my strength,my guardian,my inspiration,since my Mom died,and
no one on my side while I'm facing the world alone.He's the one who
lift me up,everytime I have problems,emotionally,financially He's the
one I run to.Last March of 2003 he suffered from a stroke- He undergo
a brain surgery due to a blood cloth and bleeding,When the medication and surgery happen I was right there,witnessing how he suffred so much
and how hard for him to recover.He was able to get over it, but he experienced numbness, weakness, and paralysis of the face, arm, or leg, typically on one side of the body.after the surgery. Also confusion, trouble speaking or understanding.I was really felt so down by then and I thought I would never accept that It happend it to him.
I missed how we have the cosy chat,that we do most,the laughter and jokes we shared  together.I missed everything about him.Especially he's smile that brigthen 
my every single day.I never really thought that Monday will be the last time I ever saw him.I remember teasing him,having a hard time chewing the biscuit's he's eating.And he just smile and  was trying to give me a piece of it.I remember that when he still on his good health he never misses to asked me if I already had my lunch or merienda.And if not so, he will treat me.How could I forget -I'ts not that easy, especially now that He's is already GONE.And was already taken.
So you see, daddy,
Even though I'm not with you,
I'm under your  care,
And when it's time for me to come,
I'll find you waiting for me right there!

And I'll give you the biggest hug -
Gee, I can hardly wait.
And when no one's looking,
We'll even swing on Heaven's Gate!

I love you Daddy.
Youll be remembered....always      
Posted: June 11- Friday

A week of change.

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June 10 -Friday
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Shiver by Maroon 5

A week of change

It is pleasant to sit alone in my room, dusk falling swiftly now, a light breeze coming through the open windows along with the sound of the creek, Amos Lee's unique voice crooning (these lyrics get me every time: "I'm in love with a girl who's in love with the world / Though I can't help but follow / Though I know someday she is bound to go away and stay over the rainbow / Got to learn how to let her go / Over the rainbow // But sometimes we forget who we got / Who they are and who they are not // There is so much more in love than black and white / Keep it loose child / You gotta keep tight"), bare feet on new carpet, and the day's strange and new labors at an end. 

Sunday I skipped church...because I'm still sick. I spent the day sorting and thinking when this fever go away.I was shivering the whole day,and just sleep...not in the mood to time for food...i loss my apetite...just take a whole lotts of medication. 

Monday...what happened Monday? I'm still shivering to death,having bad head-ache and flu,I just stay home,sleep.
And watching the rain falling madly. 

Tuesday I'm back at work--though I'm still groggy and the
world around me seems to rotate rapidly on my every turn.
Got tons of calls and emails-form friends and relatives.
One email catch my attention - from my Aunt.Once again lots of advice's from the pro-herself.Okeis...okies from now on
I'll forgot bad and sad memories.Think of good,happy and bright memories instead.<lol>This could be a major changes in my life!ha..ha...ha.!But Anyweiz I have many good memories to look at --back.Especially my highschool memories!Those many stupid great stuff me and my classmate
have done.Now...I can smile thinking those stuffs.Well yea it seems so great reminiscing the good old days--happy good old days---> 

Wednesday,I took on a new, additional role at work "janitress"So I'm OK with that. Sounds nice, eh? Gosh.
I can't help!I was like been away for just 3 days in a row and our workplace seems to be very unpleasant,so dusty and
so unclean.I took the mop,and every cleaning gadget around and do a major overhaul.Whew!Cleaning takes up so much time and leaves me feeling so hungry. 

Yesterday was a co-worker b-day.We play game of hide and seek!Yea bcoz she's out of nowhere.And do a very last minute call saying she can't be present cos she's got a date.Okey -okey It's her b-day So that fine with me.Ill take your work.Now I'm getting dizzy thinking I'll be staying at work so damn late. 

T oday...whew. I was trying to fit two days of work into one, since my co worker is taking tomorrow off (driving to Airport to pick -up somebody).I'ts fine with me cos I'm used to it.But some things aren't as easy to hand off.It's still quite hard working alone late at nite especially on friday nite.The palce is full and jam packed during fridya's.We are given a chance for a day off every month(just 1 day off per month huh!But I neevr taken any day -off eversince i got in here(OK, so I'm a control freak and a bit of a workaholic).Lol!I don't normally have such a busy life.Just these days!

I've felt a bit scattered and on edge all day, but now I'm feeling more myself. I'm looking forward to sleeping soon. I just need to throw a few things together so I'll be ready in the morning. Until Monday (or Sunday night)...adieu.


Here come's the rainy day!

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Say Goodnite by Hale

Things to do in life when it's raining on Thursday

> Cooked mushroom soup
> Watch a movie.

I am awesome.

What the hell, weather? It's the first week of June.You're lettin' me down,Manila . I was lulled by your sunny skies and exciting thunderstorms, but then you had to pull this on me.

I know the pain, T-Rex. No one thinks I am intimidating either.