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the crib | STA.MAGDALENA(1985-90s)

Year 1985 we go back to my mothers hometown, there I spend my grown-up years.STA.MAGDALENA on my first impression as a little girl is a strange dull and boring place.I thought we will not be able to adjust with the place and the people. The early weeks been very hard for us(kids) to befriend with others  since we speak a different dialect  and some kids bully us around.But in the end, ST. Mary Magdalene  completely  adopted me.

Sta. Magdalena is a very small town.Like most of the far-flung worlds of  men, this place is almost entirely self-contained economic unit, which to say that its plains, river,and sea provide sufficient nutriment support a healthy human population of about(?).

Sta.Magdalena through hindsights eyes I can thus dryly state that  I  grew up on a world ordenaire, not unlike hundreds of such worlds warmed by G- type suns.But my girlhood perception of my heimats centrality to the larger scheme of things was quite a grander matter, for I was born as a child of Manila, considered  by all to be the jewel of the country.

 Sta.Magdalena by standard of human genetic parameters somewhat, is a somewhat cool world,capped by mountains. Most of the villagers live in a traditional wood houses , Today some  people developed their homes since typhoons often reached the area and cause severe land and property damaged and sometimes loss of life. Somehow some aging houses built during 18 centuries stillstands the test of time. Whenever Im home I would walk by feet exploring the town narrow streets with trar side walks and shaded trees, that get soft on hot days,(although most of the road now are paved), visiting old classmates and friends, I often realize Sta.Magdalena is a  place havent change at all,aside from cemented roads, launching of cables tv, having only one telephone stand as way of communication from outside world.(Nowadays cell phones became known to some villagers and some those who could avail buy a set in order to communicate to relatives outside town).You can see same tired storefronts around, same old market, same old folks, watching people and tricycles go by(to give them something to do)


For the first eighteen years of my life in this palce,I spent many late afternoons and early evenings on the seawalls, watching the sunset , Sometimes wander at the seashore to feel the bracing salt air and brilliant sunshine on sparkling water and watch the sails off shore .From the seawalls you can see the nearby province (SAMAR) which  is very visible from western horizon, and the little island  standing sentinel at a viewpoint( Tikling Island).Id never been into this island, I missed many opportunities of exploring the sight, It can only be traveled by boat and I never have the courage to ride one. I regret often ,when a  close friend  offer theyre sailboats for free. Whenever I want to have a birds eye view of the sea I visit an old schoolmate and travel for about 10 miles from town proper. Her house stands nearby a sea cliff wheres the ocean view is overlooking. There I am content watching the island from far away. Sta. Magdalena also have magnificent beaches, Olango Beach is the best one. Some other beaches offers smooth sand where you can laze and rent cottages or to enjoy boat sailing offshore, These are just some of the simple attractive sights that makes the local ,visitor and those who migrated off town comes back.

 Theres so much to tell but it just make me wanting to go back home . Ill be going home this all saints day and I hope to take some pictures of places at Sta. Magdalena.I just hope I wont forget to bring a camera.

THE OLANGO BEACH( taken long time ago)
me on a black suit craddled  of my aunt!

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