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the crib


the crib | STA.MAGDALENA(1985-90s)

SORSOGON (1979-1985)



  I was born on MANILA on the 30th of May 1979 but, A year later my family go back to SORSOGON after my father had left to work abroad. There I had spent my early 5 years. I can clearly remember all the moments I've spent there. The school were my sister used to attend, the beach(BACON)were we used to go, the port were we used to wander at the crack of dawn, the fruit tree were I used to climb near the house entrance, the small canal backdoor were we used to catch small fish, the fish bowl, the big belen (the nativity scene) that we used to decorate during Christmas,the family who lived on the ground floor, the bathroom (Were my mother and I used to fight because of my wrong idea of the word close and open. Back then whenever I used the comfort room I tell her to open the door which I supposed to mean  "close".) and lastly the stairway were I fell ,and  leave  a scar on my rear waist.

 The house were we used to live in, is sort of an old small Spanish headquarter (office) between 18 century. And believed to be a Japanese office during the Japanese control over Philippines on early 1940's. It is a very old house rumored to be a ghost house, Some neighbors say's they've seen ghost of a woman hanging thru the window facing the gate entrance, some says they've have seen ghost walking inside the residence at night, and heard horrible noises. They believe those were the ghost of Japanese and Spanish people who died during there stay. Whoa it scares me to death hearing those stories from my mother and aunts/uncles.

 But no matter how, I wont forget the years I've spent on that old house. Today the house no longer stands, all that was left now is the strong wall that never give up from the destruction of a strong typhoon. Whenever I get chance to be in Sorsogon, I can't help to passed by the house, and the neighbors and reminisced the early days. And told myself that "Hey you've been here before!"


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