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A Sudden Process
Testaments to a Stranger
Long Run
Butter Light
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She Dances
Ice Cream Joy
Feel Good


There can be no distance
                              between you and me
but that created by the steps we chose to take

Like Robbe-Grillet
        exploring every possibility
or Picasso re-assembling Reality yet again
we could easily
               each be
               someone/thing completely else
Skipping like stones
across a panoramic past and future sea
              wildly vast and violent and full of
              variously slanted eyes Utopian dreams
              blind politics and sewer power sludge and greed
              and out-stretched bearing arms kaleidoscopic seams
              and evolutionary breakthrough scientific ironies
              and sweat and tears and way too spilt much blood
we lose momentum on our own cue
                          to land precisely on the ancient turtle's back

In that very instant
             that defines the next
you slide your hands decisively and rhythmic                            beneath my clothes
giving careful shape to pearls and planets
                                         and perfectly crafted orgasms

The path taken
the word spoken
the song of Freedom hanging in mid-air
Chaos resolves from Chaos
            as we waltz into the too-late night
                                 to lie in our collective unmade beds

Riding the event horizon like an untamed stallion
we compensate and shift and re-create a brave new
                                                                                   brand new world

A deviation by:  Kittty